"Happy Easter" Season of great joy!

Apr 12, 2018

My Parish Family,

Wishing each of you, once again, “Happy Easter” during this season of great Joy!  For forty days we fasted and sacrificed and now we celebrate His Glorious Resurrection for the next fifty days. Last weekend you were given a copy of our Parish Financial Report.  You may have noticed that we were $27,000.00 short.  Also, notice that we received $39,000.00 from the estate of Fr. Joseph Salerno for the sale of an organ, which means, if not for that organ sale, we would have been $60,000 short.  Thank God for that organ and God bless Fr. Salerno! This year, having no organs to sell, we are doing our best to tighten our budget.  Many of you responded so generously to the increased giving program and I am very grateful.  Even so, according to our latest Finance Council Meeting, we are on course this year to run into a $30,000.00 shortfall. Our weekly collection “break-even point” to cover our budgeted expenses is $8,300.00. And that is truly to just “break-even”, nothing left over for anything extra or for improvements.  Recently, we have been meeting and/or exceeding this amount and I thank God and I thank you.  However, we need to maintain that level always. So, I ask that you keep the parish in your prayers, keep an eye on our bulletin, and try to help us to meet our weekly collection goal.

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

Father Peter


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