4th Sunday of Advent / Christmas Mass

Dec 21, 2017

My beloved parish family,

It is the Fourth Sunday of Advent (Christmas Eve in fact) and it a time for Christians around the world to celebrate.  We celebrate the Word of God come in the flesh.  We celebrate our Salvation in the Son of God and the Son of Mary. We celebrate the great things which God has done for His people.  We are His people. Therefore, we give thanks to Him who has loved us from all eternity and who promises unending love for all eternity to those who abide in Him through His Church.  The world around us may say “Happy Holidays” but we celebrate Christmas, which is “Christ’s Mass”.

It is true that we must remind the world to “Keep Christ in Christmas” which has forgotten that He is the light Whom we celebrate. However, as Catholics, we must remind the world that the way to keep Christ in Christmas is to actually “Keep the Mass in Christmas”.  This year, we will all be asked by Holy Mother Church if we believe and love Him Who is Love Incarnate enough to go to two Masses in less than a forty-eight-hour period.  There are three ways we can fulfill our Baptismal promise to the God Who has fulfilled His promises to us:

  • We can go to Mass on Saturday evening (4pm or 7pm), December 23 & go to Mass either on Christmas Eve, December 24 (4pm or 7pm), or on Christmas Day (Midnight or 10am).
  • We can go to Mass on Sunday morning, December 24 (8am or 9:30am), & on Christmas Eve, December 24 (4pm or 7pm) or on Christmas Day, (Midnight or 10am).
  • Or we can go on Christmas Eve, December 24 (4pm or 7pm) AND Christmas Day (Midnight or 10am).

We can look at this as merely having to jump through a hoop and dismiss it as a mere man-made rule, or we can truly see it as it is, our Holy Mother Church inviting us to the Heavenly Banquet twice to celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  Not one of us would think it onerous to go visiting (and celebrating) on Christmas Eve and Christmas day with our family and friends at people’s homes, why should we think being together as God’s family twice in such a short period is somehow too much to ask?  I would tell you that there is no better way to celebrate the Son’s coming to Earth at Christmas than at Mass where CHRIST ONCE AGAIN COMES TO EARTH! We are so blessed as Catholics and rather than feel burdened, we should be overjoyed at what it is we celebrate at Mass and Who it is we receive. 

So, my dear family, join us twice this special weekend to truly celebrate what Christmas is all about- Christ and His Mass and look forward to being with your parish family twice in a short period, because we are excited to share this blessed time with you.

On behalf of our deacons and parish staff, I wish you all a most blessed and happy Christmas (Christ’s Mass)!

In Jesus, Mary, and Joseph,

Fr. Peter Idler


  • MaryannePosted on 12/21/17

    This is such a wonderful reminder of what Christmas is truly about.

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