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We are now in the home stretch of Lent!

Posted by Maryanne Tappen on 3/16/18

My dear parish family,

  We are now in the home stretch of Lent.  Next week-

  end, we veil the statues as we begin what was

  traditionally referred to as Passiontide.  May we make

  fruitful use of the time that awaits us in this

  penitential season. 

  As I mentioned last week, the structure of ... Read More »

Rejoice! It is Laetare Sunday...

Posted by Maryanne Tappen on 3/09/18

My dear parish family,

Rejoice!  It is Laetare Sunday, which means that Lent is just a little

 more than halfway over.  It won’t be long before we will be rejoicing

 with the Universal Church at the liturgical celebration of our Lord’s

 Resurrection.  Yet, there is still much work for ... Read More »

Abundant gratitude!

Posted by Maryanne Tappen on 3/02/18

It is with abundant gratitude in the Lord that I would like to thank Ms. Lisa Caso, our parish director of Faith Formation, for her wonderful Lenten Mission. The overwhelming sentiment of the many who attended was summed up by one who said, “Where have you been hiding her?” ... Read More »

Ash Wednesday and the Philadelphia Eagles

Posted by Maryanne Tappen on 2/09/18

My dear parish family,

The Philadelphia Eagles are Super Bowl Champions! In one of the most exciting finals in history, our local team overcame the odds and were victorious.  It is a good metaphor for our spiritual life.  We too must push ourselves, with God’s grace, to win the ... Read More »

Ash Wednesday/Valentines Day

Posted by Maryanne Tappen on 2/02/18

My beloved parishioners,

St. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and Love is in the air- or at least the world’s vision of it.  Often in the seminary, our teachers would distinguish between “LUV” (that passing feeling which causes so much trouble) and authentic “Love” which is from ... Read More »